SSS® Terra Linear Low Density - 33x39, 0.59 mil, Black

Item # 12143

  • Offers high puncture and tear resistance. They have excellent strength & stretch capabilities.
  • Strength: Heavy
  • Capacity: 33 Gallon
33 x 39, Black, 0.59 mil, 10/25/cs
Manufacturers Item #12143
  •  Description

When you've got a heavy load, you need a bag that will stand up to the test. Terra bags pass with flying colors, no leaks, no tears, and no punctures. Just superior performance that's suited to a variety of industrial applications. Environmentally friendly packaging: the cartons are manufactured from 60% recycled content and the ink used on the cartons is water based. The result: you get better performance at a lower cost. Applications: Terra bags offer dependable performance for heavy and sharp objects.

Strength: Heavy. Capacity: 33 Gallon.